Thursday, June 28, 2007

You can't always get what you want..

So, next weekend I'm going on a Stag do for a good mate of mine, the plan is to get some mountain biking in on the Friday at AFAN the head down to the Gower for the rest of the weekend. Possibly for some more biking, plenty of beers and stag type antics.

So, i'm going to spend some time getting my stead back up to speed and she need some tender loving care. Just little things, brake pads, new set of flat pedals and for myself a new pair of shoes to ride in. So yesterday I placed the order. Turns out the only thing that'll be ready in time for the Stag will be the brake pads. Which is kind of ironic really as i wasn't planning on doing much slowing down.

Bah. Sometimes things just dont work out! so if any one knows any where I can get a pair of sealed Funn pedals and the new 5:10 low rise riding shoe let me know!


Good news is that we are training another rider tonight, that seems to make me smile!

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