Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Holidays, courses, saving lives, training riders and the future!

So I've been away for a bit, I went on an amazing holiday around Wales, soaking up the best that the Welsh mountian bike trail centres had to offer and saw some amazing places. If you ride a mountain bike and haven't ridden any of these trails you should really get out there. I met the guy who is responsible for a lot of them once it was really interesting -
After my stonking week away I joined Ben on a mountain biking course so in the future we can look at the potential of taking groups off on rides, it was an awesome few days and lots of fun was had in great mountain settings After a great course I arrived back at work on Wednesday morning, after unlocking everything and settling down I was greeted by a chap who looked very tired and was brushing his teeth, after some investigation I established that the chaps name was Matt and he was cycling Lands end to John O Groats. He'd slept behind the building that night after leaving his mate who dropped out a 140 miles away the previous day. Matt's bike was in bits, so I let him check the map out and fill his water bottles and fixed it up for him before sending him on his way with some gaffer tape! Wednesday continued to be a good day and then culminated in the final bit of training for our two latest riders Mike and Leon who did a fine job of carting Ben and I around Hereford and being told what they could do and where they'd fit through!Look out for them around town soon!

So lots of stuff going on with us and we've some secret news to tell you soon which is pretty exciting. Also we are working on some new projects and the feasibility of creating a method for operations like ours to operate in lots of other areas, the best bit about this has been hooking up with an old uni mate who's going to the design for us, we cant tell you too much yet but here's a hint.. For the moment that's all, but hold on for some news soon!