Friday, May 21, 2010


So May has been upon us for some time and what a month it has been!

The weather is truly on the turn, the days are longer and warmer and things are on the up. We've been really busy throughout May, not only with our contract work but with more and more adhock jobs on top of our usual workload. We've even had to do some pretty big miles on one of our first bikes..With '440' back on the road an hauling the big loads we could turn out attention to a challenge which has, and continues to, escape us.. Getting theBullitt over 40mph. So far it has seemed impossible as under braking at speed the front wheel gets a little twitchy and where we happen to do the '40 challenge' there's a gravely corner which needs to be pinned. So.... a few weeks ago I fitted a steering damper to the front wheel..
The damper stops the vibrations from the front wheel and keeps it nice and steady, it's made for a much smoother ride but has also meant we've increased our faith in what the bullitt can do..Not far to 40mph...

In other news a mate of the company and a member of the exclusive 'Team Eagle' race team which we been helping a bit with sponsorship has been doing some mountain bike racing..

When I say some, he's been doing pretty well, here he is just after his winning race run at the Welsh Nationals, we didn't want to put a picture of him up without his helmet because he's hideously ugly.... Well done Chris.Note the swanky pedicargo jacket... not even we have those..