Monday, June 16, 2014

Free trade waste recycling and shredding trial for inner city businesses in Hereford!

Are you an inner city business that doesn't or isn't able to recycle your waste? Are you paying a fortune to shred your paper waste? Are you inside the green circle on this map?

Why not try our inner city recycling programme free week trial!

Since the launch of our trade waste recycling scheme in 2008 we have saved thousands of tonnes of recyclable waste from going to landfill whilst saving our customers money and returning their Co2 savings to them. Now we are welcoming new inner city customers with a free trial.

We service hundreds of businesses in Hereford. We run weekly collections with no upfront costs for disposal of bags and are fully registered with the environment agency.

Our recycling programme covers the recycling and shredding of paper waste, cardboard, ink cartridges and recyclable plastic films. To engage new customers we are offering a free weeks trial of our scheme. Our prices are cheaper than the current Council trade waste scheme so hopefully it should be a straight forward way for businesses to start recycling.

Contact Hereford Pedicargo by email - info@herefordpedicargo and quote 'HPC free trial' to get the ball rolling. Alternatively if you want to have a chat give us a call - 07718320195 and we can set you up for a free weeks trial.

Current rates for our scheme are as follows:

Recycling of waste paper - £1 per 15kg bag
(bags supplied by Hereford Pedicargo)
Shredding and recycling - £1 per 15kg bag
(bags supplied by Hereford Pedicargo)
Recycling of cardboard and newspaper - £5 per cage/pro rata –
Cage is 5ft high x4ftx4ft
Recycling of plastic films - £1 per bag
(large bags supplied by Hereford Pedicargo)
Free recycling of ink cartridges if you are using our recycling schemes

Friday, June 13, 2014

Very soon we're bringing cargo bike hire ( to Hereford. 

We've been working on the project for ages and we are in a soft launch stage at the moment. Soon we'll have some really cool technology in place so you can hire a cargo bike using your smart phone and we'll be deploying the very first one in the St James area of Hereford. The soft launch website will give you some more info. Then we'll have all the stuff up and running.

It'll give the public the chance to use the kind of bikes we use for moving about stuff to move their own stuff around. Pretty cool we think.