Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Round the work on a bike - the interesting talk

Recently riding a bike around the world seems to be a popular thing to do. This guy is really worth looking up and he's doing a talk in Hereford in July. Well worth the cash and a great bit of motivation if you are planning an adventure.

Load of info on his website

Cool video here:

Round the World by Bike - in 1 minute from Alastair Humphreys on Vimeo.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hay you guys..

We blogged recently that we had been confirmed to work running shuttles at the Hay festival

Hay Festival is in a couple of weeks and it really is something not to be missed.

Loads of people in Hereford just don't bother to go out there but we figure it is well worth the 30 mins to get there. We'll be running shuttles in and out of Hay but there are plenty better reasons to make the effort to visit.

For a start if you are from Hereford it'll be a nice chance for you to slip out of your Reebok Classic trainers and your Adidas jogging bottoms and into your Birkenstocks and white linen trousers. If the sun is shining you'll be able to slip off your hoody and plonk on a polo shirt and panama hat but if the weather is inclement it'll be fine to just pop up your umbrella and slip into your wellington boots.

It's a quintessentially British escape to go to Hay. Lots of interesting people, the chance to meet the writers of the books you read, to listen in person to the people you watch on television or listen to on the wireless (the radio, not the network your kids set up in the house so you could read the paper on your ipad) and to be surrounded by people who are equally open minded. The opportunity for open discussion over a Pimms or debate over a scone is never far in this very thought provoking of festivals.

Ok, ok, so maybe we've made it sound a little elitist but the thing is.. it kind of is, but you'll be the only one who minds so don't waste your time worrying. Go along, see the talks, buy the books, have an engaging time, but don't let it pass you by. It is too good. Although you can get online and do some booking we think the best way is to get over there and see what's on, go to things you might not plan to, embrace the experience.

Hopefully we'll see you there.

Check out the festival here and some top tips here