Monday, November 24, 2008

Being creative..

After being at the do lectures I found myself well and truly energised. I met plenty of creative people who were achieving or seeking achievement. Who had desires to create solutions to problems and engage the power of community to do it.

After being re-inspired to unleash my creativity I've come across some interesting articles. I found this chap some time ago whilst exploring some marketing developmentsthat had happened, which caused stormhoek's sales to go through the roof. Hugh is also very well know as the chap behind Microsofts Blue Monster So understandably Hugh is packed full of creativity and it came as no surprise to see that he had written a very good piece on how to be creative

It's really worth a read, I think I was particularly enamoured by number 11 which uniquely sums up my approach to many of the things I've done to create and award winning business. - Don't try to stand out from the crowd; avoid crowds altogether. Which in more detail is something like this:

Your plan for getting your business out there has to be as original as the actual concept, perhaps even more so. The business has to create a totally new market. There's no point trying to do the same thing as 250,000 other young hopefuls, waiting for a miracle. All existing business models are wrong. Find a new one.

It really hit home and lead me to think about a company I've recently become involved with Bionic Books which aims to take the hassle out of doing your accounts. So making null and void one of the boring bits that might slow you down a bit in creating your amazing company. It's an amazing idea and it looks like it might be free to use and mean that you get you UK or USA accounts done at a discounted rate. It's nice to see something refreshing helping out startups not only financially but freeing up time for them to do what they should be doing,

So yeah, time to get back to being creative about the solutions to the problems that I face, why wouldn't I be?

The final week of Moustached goodness!

So we are in to the final week of Movember and things are going well, I'm sporting a lovely little handlebar and have gone through the bad itching! We're raising some really good funds, online we have cleared £500 and I know that of the 20 team members that most have plenty more up their sleeves. If you haven't donated and want to you can do it here . On Sunday we are having a party at saxtys there will be a hog roast, plenty of fancy dress and some special prizes to be raffled! Come along, everyone is invited!

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Mo's are coming on!

So Luke and I have been growing our Mo's for 20 days now and they are taking shape. As you can see Luke has a classic ginger top lip modelled on Goose from Top Gun and I have gone for a slightly more horrible truckers handlebar... It is all of course in aid of raising money for The Prostate Cancer charity.

On the 30th of Movember from about 7:30 we're holding a party at Saxtys in Hereford, there will be a hog roast, free entry, cocktails and all sorts of drinks promotions, raffles and other prize giving and a general knees up to celebrate all 50 of the Hereford Mo brothers achievements. Fancy dress welcomed! We'd love it if you would come along!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sponsor our MOUSTACHES!!

Hi All,

During Movember (the month formerly known as November) Luke and I are growing Mo's. That's right we're bringing the Mo back because we're passionate about tackling men's health issues and being proactive in the fight against prostate cancer.

You can donate to our Mo's by either:

Clicking this link and donating online using your credit card or PayPal account, or

Writing a cheque payable to ‘The Prostate Cancer Charity Re: Movember', referencing my Registration Number 1403626 and mailing it to:
The Prostate Cancer Charity
First Floor Cambridge House
100 Cambridge Grove
London W6 OLE

The money raised by Movember is used to raise awareness of men's health issues and donated to The Prostate Cancer Charity which will have an enormous impact on many men's lives and the awareness will help us to fight prostate cancer on every front - through research, support, information and campaigning.

Did you know...

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK. 35,000 men are diagnosed every year and one man dies every hour.
1 in 11 UK men will be diagnosed in their lifetime .
For those that have supported Movember in previous years you can be very proud of the impact it has had.

It’s not fair us to expect you to do any of this without an incentive so we've had our top lips sponsored and anyone joining sponsoring or helping in anyway gets a free pass to any gym class at 6th Sense Fitness ( Get in touch and we’ll get your name to the gym.

So that’s about everything, if it all goes well and loads of you are keen we'll throw a Movember party in Saxtys at the end of the month and we can all come as the personalities of our moustaches…

Thank you and we look forward to your donations!!

Will and Luke

Saturday, November 1, 2008