Friday, April 24, 2009

West Midlands C+ Carbon Positive Awards

So looks like this one might be a big one!

It's hosted by business in the community who mobilise business for good. They are on of The Prince's Charities.

Soooo we're nominated for Carbon Positive Micro Business, out of the whole of the west midlands... As we mentioned the Awards are organised by Business in the Community, with the support of Advantage West Midlands, Sustainability West Midlands, Birmingham Environmental Partnership, Midlands Environmental Business Club, and Argent.

Nice way to end the week hey!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dolly Parton, new kit and good skills..

So as we stride in to our second year, confident we are following the right path, and of course enjoying ourselves the whole way, it's good to know that we're not loosing any energy!

Recently we completed a carbon audit for all of our customers, the plan now is to issue them all with a window sticker to tell their customers how good to the environment they've been, it'll look something like this What's missing from that is of course the company name, just for now we're keeping it a big secret who's been our number one carbon saver! We are making an award and of course giving a prize to each and every one of our customers. Local great and green company Reprodux are offering to improve the green printing credentials for our customers. Sourcing them quality papers which are more friendly to the environment, teaching them about vegetable based inks and generally looking at saving them some cash on their print production.

It's been an interesting project to look at how much carbon we really have saved, our recycling operation alone is close to saving 600 tonnes of Co2 eq. !

With lots of new business on the horizon we've had to order some new uniform to keep us operating to our full potential and of course keep us looking good.. Howies have supplied us with some jackets so now we're looking at getting them printed up locally. We're going to stick decals on the forearms and back in a reflective material. You'll also notice that the drawing shows we're having a decal on the back of the hood. We thought we'd harness the imortal words of Dolly Parton and stick them on the back to cheer folk up when it's a bit drab... We'll have to see how that one works out...

Lots more updates to come (we can't really say what about at the moment) but in the mean time why not try some new skills out on your bike:

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pretty cool stuff.

So, on Monday, the company will be two years old, 2!!, which is really exciting. But just for today we delivered one of our busier clients 30'000 item. That's not all of the stuff pedicargo have done, just the stuff for one of our clients! Amazing. It doesn't seem anytime since we delivered our 10'000th item! We also figured it was about time we got a clock for the office which displays P.M.T Pedicab Mean Time, Luke insisted on setting this 5 minutes fast until I told him he'd be five minutes late for work everyday.

Anyhow, what better way to be celebrating things than to have 4 days off! So have a great Easter, eat plenty of eggs, do all the things you haven't had time to do and soak up all that lovely spare time.


The Team

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Holiday

So no blogs for a while as I've been on holiday, which has been great, I was able to leave the running of the company to Luke who did a fine job! I was spurred on to going on Holiday (in Wales) by the ongoing battle of Sun Vs Winter that seems to have finally gone the way we want it to..

Wales was great we avoided doing any of this..

Whilst scrambling up plenty of this sort of stuff..

And when I finally returned to work having rested for a week I was greeted by a picture of my new 'rested' look as seen and drawn by Luke..

Very flattering, but now it's back to work, today I've been servicing brakes and trying to source some unique brake pads, can anyone help..

So that's it for the moment, it's good to be back and great to be riding in the sun, things are still going strong with a new couple of contracts looming and cashflow looking healthy - all in time for the tax man to have his share..

Enjoy the sun whilst it's out!