Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Holiday

So no blogs for a while as I've been on holiday, which has been great, I was able to leave the running of the company to Luke who did a fine job! I was spurred on to going on Holiday (in Wales) by the ongoing battle of Sun Vs Winter that seems to have finally gone the way we want it to..

Wales was great we avoided doing any of this..

Whilst scrambling up plenty of this sort of stuff..

And when I finally returned to work having rested for a week I was greeted by a picture of my new 'rested' look as seen and drawn by Luke..

Very flattering, but now it's back to work, today I've been servicing brakes and trying to source some unique brake pads, can anyone help..

So that's it for the moment, it's good to be back and great to be riding in the sun, things are still going strong with a new couple of contracts looming and cashflow looking healthy - all in time for the tax man to have his share..

Enjoy the sun whilst it's out!

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