Friday, January 25, 2013

CTC coverage of cargo bike scheme

Some great coverage in the CTC's January Newsletter of our community cargo bike scheme -

Inner city trade waste recycling service

Inner city trade waste recycling service

Hereford Pedicargo service hundreds of local businesses providing them with a regular, friendly, cheap recycling service. We’ve been doing this since early 2008 and have saved 1000’s of tonnes of waste from going to landfill and 1000’s of tonnes of CO2 from entering the environment.

If you are a business close to town we can offer the following solution: Recycling of waste paper- £1 per 16kg bag (we supply the bags for free) Shredding and recycling - £1 per 16kg bag (we supply the bags for free) Recycling of cardboard - £5 per cage/pro rata - minimum charge £1 Recycling of plastic films - £1 per bag (we supply the bags for free)

Free recycling of ink cartridges if you are using our recycling schemes
Orange Council waste bags cost £1.38 each, go to landfill and are set to rise in price, we are cheaper for your business and better for the environment.
We also tell you how much CO2 you save each year!
There is no catch, it is cheap, it is good and you will be doing a good thing.

email: call: 07718320195 

Great coverage from CTC

Great article by the CTC on the innovative cargo bike sharing scheme which we are launching and trialling in Hereford. Cargo bike use is snowballing in the rest of Europe and we think this scheme might be the way to bring bikes like this to the UK. It's another thing we are doing this year to try and get a bit of life back into Hereford.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Ice road trikers...

Pretty cold out at the mo, not stopping us though!