Friday, January 25, 2013

CTC coverage of cargo bike scheme

Some great coverage in the CTC's January Newsletter of our community cargo bike scheme -


Bobrail said...

Dear Chaps,

Good luck with the freight bike hire scheme. Just checking that you know about the excellent Freight Bike library in Newtown, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia?

I was a member for a couple of years. Happy to answer any user questions you might want to try on me. In terms of immediate desirables, web booking and clear visibility of availability is necessary, as are long access hours. Child carrying capability is a strong plus. I was also a car share club member and there were many parallels.

Good luck!

Bob Johnson

Hereford Pedicabs said...

Hi Bob that is really brilliant to see.
We'll have a good look at it.

Thanks for your help, if you email us - we'll add you to our mailing list.