Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Neglecting the blog!

We have been guilty of neglecting the blog recently, partly because we are so busy and partly because we keep our Facebook page up to date a bit more and then seem to forget about this one.

So I thought it would be worth pasting in a few things form that to make sure we were all up to date!

Since the last blog post we have been...

Breaking bikes... this time our 8 Freight just shattered into about a million pieces, should be back on the road soon we hope...

Letting our new riders out on their own, this is Jordan, he's doing a fine job, has settled in really well and seems to be flying. 

Running some great promotions with some brilliant local businesses.

And supporting a bunch of soliders who have ridden the length of the county to raise money for the JJMF charity.

We'll try and keep you posted a bit more often!