Thursday, November 22, 2012

Panto Dames. Charity and Weather

Last week was a good one we were flat out as usual but fitted in a few extra jobs to help a few folk out 

First up Tom and Jordan has a date with the Panto Dame who was switching on the Christmas lights in Hereford, as you can she see was a honey so needed some escorting from some hunky gents.

We also sent a bike down to help out with Herefordshire Council's Charity Congathon


And in other news, particularly today the weather has really turned for the season, definitely not perfect cycling weather!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Pedicab Rider Jordan McQueen!

We think he'll fit right in!

Christmas lights switch on!

This Sunday, we'll be taking the panto cast to switch the lights on!

This screen shot is from our Facebook page:

Talk at Hereford Tech College

We popped up to the college last week to give the business studies course a talk about logistics, was great to be involved.

This screen shot is from our Facebook page.

Talk at Hereford Tech College

Cargo bike on line article

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