Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Big wheel..

On the weekend we were at a green transport festival, there was a fantastic clown there who had all sorts of bonkers bikesanyhow.... I just couldn't resist asking him for a go on one of his other contraptions..

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bio Truck Expedition

We've been in touch with these guys - Bio Truck. Driving around the world powered by waste!

They turned this:

Into this !:

Andy Pag 34, the eco-adventurer who drove a chocolate powered lorry to Timbuktu and organised the Grease to Greece rally where teams had to scavenge chip-fat to power their vehicles across Europe, is setting off to drive around the world on an eco-expedition that can best be described as … Rubbish!

Pag has recycled a scrap yard school bus and turned it into a state of the art eco-home using a mix of reclaimed trash and cutting edge green technology. Not only is the 20 year old “Biotruck” made from rubbish, but it’s been modified so it can run on rubbish too, specifically used cooking oil thrown away by restaurants and caterers.

They set of on an their amazing journey this weekend!

Best of luck guys!

Friday, September 4, 2009


It’s been another great month for everyone at Hereford Pedicabs with new contracts pending and new bikes hitting the road (almost)! I’ve been a bit slack on the blog as I managed to have a little holiday.

Not content with spending everyday on a bike I headed of to the French Alps for some mountain biking. I spent a lot of time on the floor, time relaxing and time on Mont Blanc, nice to have time away to focus on new things for the business.

Our new bike is getting some use but has now gone to have a box made for it so we can use it for secure watertight transit…

A bit of sad news, it’s time to return our ‘Pride of Herefordshire’ award as it now has to be someone else’s turn to hold the trophy for a year and the mantle of environmental champion that goes with it! In honour we took a photo to put up in place of the award..

In actual sad news a local soldier was recently killed in Afghanistan so this weekend the Pedicabs are running collections for Help For Heroes and also for a trust fund for the Soliders son. If you see the bike out there get donating.

Our office conversion is coming on nicely and our solar panels will be in in time for winter…. And complemented with a wind turbine – thank to Epic Electrical for helping us with that.

We’ve just posted three record months so either we’re hiding very well from the recession or doing something right.. one of the two I’m sure! In the mean time we’ll keep on doing things the same, it seems to be working.

Remember to make a donation this weekend if you see out bikes!

Will and all the team.