Monday, December 24, 2007


From all of us a sincere Merry Christmas! We hope you all get what you want, we'll be out and about over the festive period so we look forward to seeing you!

Will, Ben, Luke, Ads, Tom, Matt and Darren

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Christmas Party


Vaughanatron, Lukey Boy, Big Ben, The T-Bone and the A-Bomb

It was a great night and a good time to introduce new rider T-Bone, or Tom to his mates, to the gang.

We went to the panto, then for a few beers, then for a curry and then for plenty more beers.

Edited highlights to follow..

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Frosty day

But great riding

Pedicab Christmas Party

The staff are having a day of surprises today for Christmas.

They have to meet at a certain bar tonight dressed in 70's clothing.

Update to follow..

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Changing things

Sometimes it's really easy to get bogged down in things, to forget about doing the things you love doing and to get stuck in routine.

Well recently I've been a little like that and I thought it's about time it changed. So last night Ad wasn't riding so I went and rode with Luke, and I had a brilliant time, great people, great fun and horrible weather! Horrible, horrible weather, the worst I've ridden in for a while, but it didn't matter, it was fun, really fun. I saw friends, I saw people I deliver to in the week and I had a great time. I also gave out a lot of mistletoe and spread lots of Christmas cheer.

This morning I continued the power of change and put aside cleaning the house, cleaning the garage, feeling hungover, doing the last bit of work, visiting other people, having Sunday lunch in the same place, sorting out kit and I went Mountain Biking. And it was great, it rained, it was windy, there was nothing in my legs from a weeks worth of riding, I hadn't had breakfast, the hills seemed twice as high and twice as long and the downhills shot by, but it was great. So here's to changing things....
There are worse placesIt's good to slow down sometimes

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Jo, Charlotte and Luke!

Ad promised we'd put this on the blog so here you are guys!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Green Wave

Copenhagen has, on certain stretches of bike lanes featuring heavy traffic (15,000 + bikes per day), started coordinating the traffic lights to give cyclists a 'green wave' all the way along the route.

This means that if you ride 20 km per hour you'll hit green lights the whole way. How amazing is that!

This sort of stuff should happen more.

Friday, November 30, 2007

The long awaited update..

I mentioned earlier on in the week that we'd been a bit slack at writing the blog and that there was plenty of stuff we could be updating you on, well as promised here we go..

Recycling for the City.

Recycling is something we are keen on here at Hereford Pedicabs and recently an issue came to light that we thought we could do something about. Businesses in town have no recycling provided by the Council, if they want to recycle paper and card they have to pay and external company to come in and remove it, this, as you can imagine, is a costly process. What many shops and businesses end up doing is throwing all of there paper waste into the orange Council bags.

There are two things to note about throwing stuff in the orange bags: 1- It all goes to landfill (bad) 2- It costs £1 a bag (lots!), so with the help of a few other companies we think we can provide a solution. we can pick up the paper and card for cheaper than £1 a bag, then a local company who recycle paper is going to place a container at the Courtyard and remove the paper for free. They sell it on, we make our cash out of picking the paper up and hey presto- affordable sustainable recycling of paper and card for local businesses. Less to landfill an better for the environment.

There are some loose ends being tied up now but in the new year we are launching the scheme so if you think you could benefit get in touch -

Recycling with worms!
Some of our paper and card will end up at enviroshred, they turn it into compost with worms! The idea is to turn paper from business into compost which can be used on flower beds in town, we thought that would be a nice idea.

Cargo and Cabs update...

There's been a bit about this already this week so, just a quick one to tell you that the Cabs have taken 7000 customers now and the Cargo has taken over 6000 items, crazy stuff! It's an exciting time for us and we are growing rapidly, thank you to all of our customers and all of our staff, we couldn't do it without you.

Advertising and promotions for customers..

As you can see from this bike (in the process of having ads put on) we have advertising on our bikes now, both of them are covered in all sorts, shops, pubs, gyms and as we get towards Christmas and the New Year something very special will be happening.. If you ride on a pedicab you will get given one of these:It's a sticker and will entitle you to all sorts of discounts and free things in the pubs and clubs of Hereford, cheap drinks, cheap entry and even cheap gym classes to help you burn off all those drink based calories!

New Staff

In the new year we'll have two new cab riders on board - Tom Booth and Matt Pember - both nice chaps who can't wait to come on board!

Movember and supporting beard

Movember (the month formerly known as November) is a charity event held during November each year. At the start of Movember guys register with a clean shaven face. The Movember participants known as Mo Bros then have the remainder of the month to grow and groom their moustache and along the way raise as much money and awareness about male health issues as possible.

My brother Jon has been taking part in Movember, here he is dressed as a Spaceman (answers on the back of a postcard) last week, I think you'll find it's a fine Mo!I was late to join the game, so officially couldn't take part in Movember so I crafted a fine beard in support, i call it the Geoff, named after Geoff from Byker Grove.

So there we have it, you are now pretty much up to speed. It's almost December, so almost time for Christmas trees and Festive Cheers, Sumo (friend of Pedicabs) seems to have both Festive Cheer and Christmas tree sorted in one...

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lands End to Glasgow

Some of you might know that one of the regular contracts we run is for three council departments moving planning files and building samples about. It means that if you ring up to see a planning application you now get it on the same day instead of three days later.

Well since we started that 15 weeks ago we have moved over 5200 items, what's more we've travelled the equivalent of going from Lands End to Glasgow

We think we'll make John O Groats on Feb the 8th...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Trial Blog!

If you can see this it means i've cracked Blogging from my mobile, so you can expect more updates as i'm on the move. AWESOME!

Late Entries

As expected, those unable to make the 1st annual 1 minute 1 man 1 horse competition have begun to submit their entries. Unfortunately, they of course cant be graded, it takes a year to assemble the judging panel. Also submission by email can not verify that only 1 minute was spent on the drawing of the horse and that the 'artist' was suitably inebriated. However, it would be unfair not to allow entries under our fun, green and honest policies. So, in the words of the Artist :

"I know that I was absent for the actual competition, but 12 months is a long way to wait for the next one.

Therefore, if you would permit, I would like to submit my entry for marking. I realise that the judges decision has already been made but I would like to use this entry as a gauge to distinguish my potential position in next years competition.

It’s entitled “Lady Boy Horse”.

It’s wearing lipstick, heels, a bra and some knickers."

Please send your entries to - ........

Lycra Hour!!

I've had a fair few weeks not riding, as Ad, Luke and Daz (we miss you if you're reading) have/were cracking on with the shifts themselves. I ride cargo everyday as is it and being so busy it's good to have a break, however, my attention has been bought to this Gem-I remember it well, it was part of promotion Luke and I used to run to increase our tips.. Lycra hour! I'll be back on the cabs over the festive season, roll on the promos!

1st annual 1 minute 1 man 1 horse competition

So Saturday night after a few jars we began the horse drawing competition, 1 minute, 1 horse, 1 person, judged by a panel of up to twelve. The results were impressive, quality was high as always and this year saw a top average score of 7.6, who would have thought it.

Dave's cat 3.1
Pig horse 4.25
Stick horse 4.3
Hamburger horse 4.5
Answers on a post card 4.6
Dragon horse, nice udders 5
Horsey no feet 5.12
Marks for artistic merit 5.2
Lassie 5.72
Lloyd the horse 6
No legs 6.5
Happy Horse 6.6
Cave horse 6.72
Grinning horse 7 (my personal favourite)
Rocking Horse 7
Aardvark 7
The racing zebra 7.5
Classical 7.6

Congratulations to the 1st placed drawer - Lili Weston, of course there is no prize, it's a strictly amateur competition and you have been ousted as a pro horse artist. Better luck next year to all..

Monday, November 26, 2007

A present for pedicabs!

So today when I arrived at our depot someone had been kind enough to leave a present in the form of a smoothie and a kinder bueno, so mystery giver, thank you!

If any one can help get to the bottom of the case feel free to leave a comment.

You may notice that the smoothie has a little knitted hat on, have a look here to find out why..

Blog Drought

Yes, we know, it's been a while, it's because there's just so much going on, this week, i'll be updating you on:

A recycling scheme for the city
Turning paper in to compost with worms
Suporting Ginger Beards
New Staff members
lots of other little things,

in the mean time, we had a great weekend, we took elves to Santa's grotto on Saturday and the Panto Dame to switch on the lights yesterday, we never thought it would be like this..

Friday, November 16, 2007

Big Long Week

One of our bikes did 509 items of freight this week.

Time to put the feet up and have a beer.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What do we carry as cargo

Well all sorts of things, samples, boxes, letters, big things, small things, all sorts. One of my loads today consisted of 15 Boxes and 30 other items, it's like Mary Poppins' handbag I tell you.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Today is a special day. It is exactly one year since Ben and I had those few beers that got this whole ball rolling - the start of it all.. We can't belive it's gone by this quickly. So much has been achieved since then. We've purchased bikes, managed to get the council to licence them, got Bulmers to supply or depot, recruited riders, developed safe working practices and incredibly.. established a sustainble green company. All the way along we've kept with our three key policies of being Fun, Green and Honest and it's been brilliant. So what next...

Well, we've taken over 6000 customers since April, our Pedicargo freight service has moved over 3500 items since August and now we are on the brink of launching a recycling programme. Last week we recruited a new rider and next week will be the same, the bikes now have advertising on them and a steady stream of new customers, so we're thinking big now. Big contracts for freight, big recycling programmes and hopefully by summer, we'll have many more riders and bikes making Hereford greener by the day!

It's a good thing to be part of. Thanks to everyone who has been of help so far and to all our customers and clients.

Will and Ben
Hereford Pedicabs

Friday, November 2, 2007

Really Really Cool!

It's always been a thought to use the bikes as mobile advertising to let people know what's on and what's happening and today it finally happened check out the first two bits. Both from the Courtyard (we are big fans of them).

One's about open Mic Night and the other is about the Chrimbo Panto! WooHoo

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Radio 2

If you were the lady who rang Radio 2 to tell them that we had delivered your post then thanks for that!

Plenty of people heard - Glad to be of Service

All the team

Hereford Pedicargo

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Howdy Folks!

It's been a little while, so I thought I'd update you on a few things!

First of all is something very important called Connect2. Connect2 is a UK-wide project that will transform local travel in 79 cities, towns and villages by creating new walking and cycling routes for the journeys we all make every day. Crossings and bridges will be created over busy roads, railway lines and rivers, linking into new networks of local paths to get you to where you want to go.

If Connect2 wins, millions of you will be able to travel in a healthy and environmentally-friendly way to the shops, school, work, and the park or to see family and friends. Connect2 in Hereford will see the devlopment of some new paths and an alternative route to Rotherwas. It'll make travle by bike and foot, safer and make it easier for us to all travel about under out own steam. That way we can all do our bit for the environment!

A few weeks ago Luke and I took part ina promotional day around Hereford, which saw a banner travel (a bit like the Olympic flame) from one side of the town to the other. Our Cargo bikes and Pedicabs were involved.

The banner accompanied me to various morning stops before I handed it over to be taken up to Belmont PCT.

On its way back from Belmont with a walking group Luke and I were on hand with the pedicabs to run folk all over.

So a great day was had by all, and Connect2 needs your vote. Register here and then on the day theyll send you a reminder by email or text -

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Lovely Stuff

I would like to say thank you very much for the amazing job that your man Luke did, he was very nice & very patient.the cab just looked great again thank you very much. I have inc. a couple of pics for yourselves.

Mrs. Jess Hood"

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Customer 5000! And some other cool facts!

So I guess we should have told you about this earlier, but a few weeks ago now we took our 5000th customer, just from the evening work, the customers in question were Sam, Mel and Tom. The guy on the left is Daz one of our riders and the photo was take by Ad one of our other riders.

So since we started some 6 months ago, we've taken thousands of customers and weve literally come a long way, thousands of miles, which means we have saved many many short journey in cars and stopped loads of nasty carbon entering our environment. The launch of Pedicargo will see plenty more of that. In fact since we started our trial and now we are in to our full time roll out we have already transported over 2500 items, files, documents all sorts.

It's amazing stuff so a massive thank you to everyone who has ridden in a pedicab, sent some cargo or just given us a supportive shout. Thanks.

From all of the team.

Will, Ben, Daz, Luke and Ad

Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy Days

Big congratulations to Dean and his lovely wife on their recent event!

All the best from all of the team!