Saturday, November 10, 2007


Today is a special day. It is exactly one year since Ben and I had those few beers that got this whole ball rolling - the start of it all.. We can't belive it's gone by this quickly. So much has been achieved since then. We've purchased bikes, managed to get the council to licence them, got Bulmers to supply or depot, recruited riders, developed safe working practices and incredibly.. established a sustainble green company. All the way along we've kept with our three key policies of being Fun, Green and Honest and it's been brilliant. So what next...

Well, we've taken over 6000 customers since April, our Pedicargo freight service has moved over 3500 items since August and now we are on the brink of launching a recycling programme. Last week we recruited a new rider and next week will be the same, the bikes now have advertising on them and a steady stream of new customers, so we're thinking big now. Big contracts for freight, big recycling programmes and hopefully by summer, we'll have many more riders and bikes making Hereford greener by the day!

It's a good thing to be part of. Thanks to everyone who has been of help so far and to all our customers and clients.

Will and Ben
Hereford Pedicabs

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David J said...

Congratulations guys! That's amazing. I am told it takes about three years before you can expect to know if a business will succeed or not. It looks like you have leapfrogged the competition and have proven yourselves successful in every way!
Well done! Enjoy your success, you are an inspiration.