Wednesday, November 28, 2007

1st annual 1 minute 1 man 1 horse competition

So Saturday night after a few jars we began the horse drawing competition, 1 minute, 1 horse, 1 person, judged by a panel of up to twelve. The results were impressive, quality was high as always and this year saw a top average score of 7.6, who would have thought it.

Dave's cat 3.1
Pig horse 4.25
Stick horse 4.3
Hamburger horse 4.5
Answers on a post card 4.6
Dragon horse, nice udders 5
Horsey no feet 5.12
Marks for artistic merit 5.2
Lassie 5.72
Lloyd the horse 6
No legs 6.5
Happy Horse 6.6
Cave horse 6.72
Grinning horse 7 (my personal favourite)
Rocking Horse 7
Aardvark 7
The racing zebra 7.5
Classical 7.6

Congratulations to the 1st placed drawer - Lili Weston, of course there is no prize, it's a strictly amateur competition and you have been ousted as a pro horse artist. Better luck next year to all..