Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Late Entries

As expected, those unable to make the 1st annual 1 minute 1 man 1 horse competition have begun to submit their entries. Unfortunately, they of course cant be graded, it takes a year to assemble the judging panel. Also submission by email can not verify that only 1 minute was spent on the drawing of the horse and that the 'artist' was suitably inebriated. However, it would be unfair not to allow entries under our fun, green and honest policies. So, in the words of the Artist :

"I know that I was absent for the actual competition, but 12 months is a long way to wait for the next one.

Therefore, if you would permit, I would like to submit my entry for marking. I realise that the judges decision has already been made but I would like to use this entry as a gauge to distinguish my potential position in next years competition.

It’s entitled “Lady Boy Horse”.

It’s wearing lipstick, heels, a bra and some knickers."

Please send your entries to - ........