Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

It is that time of the year again, who knows where it goes and once again it has been a brilliant one for us, we can't really describe how good it is to just keep on getting busier and better and bigger and working with more and more great companies. 

In the latter half of this year we took on some new contracts which changed several things at the company, staff went salaried, more staff got taken on, volumes rocketed and we also got a sniff of a very big bit of news for us for next year. Something which we have been asked to be involved in which is huge for our industry and also huge for our town. 

It is a real honour to be part of something which grows to a large extent by itself on its reputation. We had our Christmas party earlier in the month and it was amazing looking at all the people and friends the company has who have their own relationships created by what we've been doing. Hell we've even had a pedicab marriage! 

So here's to next year, make some resolutions, break some resolutions and keep moving forward!

In the mean time here's some stuff from December: 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

August to October stuff we've been doing!

 Time for an update form us - as per usual all of this stuff goes on to your Facebook page - if you head there you can see it without having to have a facebook account.

Way back in August we had the pleasure of taking Emma and Wayne to get married at the Town Hall, in hammered down all day, everyone soaking wet but we all had a great time:

After this we dispatched Tom on holiday/official GB duties as he went to compete in Serbia:

We took delivery of more recycling sacks:

And were involved in the exchange of the Royal Voluntary Services baton run.

We gave out excellent safety advice:

And got soaked again

We also spotted some excellent use of cargo bikes by DHL

And wrapped up a contract, well.. finished one bit and started another:

And this week we saw this quote from Ban Ki-moon - very appropriate. For almost 8 years we've been operating and we are aware that really other than a few hybrid cars knocking about there has been no change by the masses to embrace the biggest challenge the human race will face. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What we've been up to recently!

If you follow our blog you'll know that a lot of our stuff gets posted up on our facebook page - if you don't follow us on there it might be worth thinking about, it is a really easy way for us to post things. We will keep posting here though so don't panic.

One of our riders featured in a mountain biking video which was done for National Trust Wales - well worth a watch

A customer of ours had some Brompton bikes stolen, several of which have been returned thanks to the general public doing a great job of spotting them and reporting to the police.

Things are expanding so we've been on the hunt for depot space in Hereford, we've got a few things on our radar which are really cool.

As we've been growing a bit more we've been thinking about the best type of bike for the workloads we have, we love these from Butchers & Bicycles and would love to have some on the fleet.

Prom season has been and gone and we ferried tonnes of them about this year, all great fun and excellent to be involved with such an important night for the customers.

We also helped out a sustrans project bike ride for a local school and ferried the head mistress along as she wasn't too keen on bike riding herself.

We've been up to some exciting launches this year, this one was for a new coffee shop in the Old Livestock Market development in Hereford. Well worth a look.

So that's our round up for the moment, we'll keep you posted on anything new!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Free trade waste recycling and shredding trial for inner city businesses in Hereford!

Are you an inner city business that doesn't or isn't able to recycle your waste? Are you paying a fortune to shred your paper waste? Are you inside the green circle on this map?

Why not try our inner city recycling programme free week trial!

Since the launch of our trade waste recycling scheme in 2008 we have saved thousands of tonnes of recyclable waste from going to landfill whilst saving our customers money and returning their Co2 savings to them. Now we are welcoming new inner city customers with a free trial.

We service hundreds of businesses in Hereford. We run weekly collections with no upfront costs for disposal of bags and are fully registered with the environment agency.

Our recycling programme covers the recycling and shredding of paper waste, cardboard, ink cartridges and recyclable plastic films. To engage new customers we are offering a free weeks trial of our scheme. Our prices are cheaper than the current Council trade waste scheme so hopefully it should be a straight forward way for businesses to start recycling.

Contact Hereford Pedicargo by email - info@herefordpedicargo and quote 'HPC free trial' to get the ball rolling. Alternatively if you want to have a chat give us a call - 07718320195 and we can set you up for a free weeks trial.

Current rates for our scheme are as follows:

Recycling of waste paper - £1 per 15kg bag
(bags supplied by Hereford Pedicargo)
Shredding and recycling - £1 per 15kg bag
(bags supplied by Hereford Pedicargo)
Recycling of cardboard and newspaper - £5 per cage/pro rata –
Cage is 5ft high x4ftx4ft
Recycling of plastic films - £1 per bag
(large bags supplied by Hereford Pedicargo)
Free recycling of ink cartridges if you are using our recycling schemes

Friday, June 13, 2014

Very soon we're bringing cargo bike hire ( to Hereford. 

We've been working on the project for ages and we are in a soft launch stage at the moment. Soon we'll have some really cool technology in place so you can hire a cargo bike using your smart phone and we'll be deploying the very first one in the St James area of Hereford. The soft launch website will give you some more info. Then we'll have all the stuff up and running.

It'll give the public the chance to use the kind of bikes we use for moving about stuff to move their own stuff around. Pretty cool we think.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

We are recruiting pedicab riders!

We are recruiting!

We are after a few pedicab rickshaw riders at the moment Summer is coming and we have lots planned. Festivals, proms, weddings, historical tours and of course our standard Friday and Saturday evening work.  With the new development springing up in Hereford people need our service more than ever!

We're on the hunt for some more riders. So if you want to get fit, earn some good cash, have a good laugh and be part of fun, green, honest and rapidly growing company get in touch with us. 

There's loads of good benefits, at least one free curry a year and a fancy dress party…. You need to be over 21 and have a full uk car licence and nothing nasty that'll show up on a CRB/DBS check. 

Send a c.v or and covering statement in an email to and we'll send you some more information. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

HUGE catch up, we are 7 I suppose.

So it has been too long since I updated this, I guess it'd because we have a company facebook account, which is really easy to update and sort of gets stuff happening on it all the time, no excuse though so for that I apologise!

Straight in with some pretty cool news.. we were 7 on April the 13th. 7 years old, it's pretty bonkers when you think about it, look back through the blog and think about all the other stuff we've done achieved, been up to, people we've moved, people we've met, waste we've recycled, awards we've won, parcels we've delivered and the 1000's of tonnes of carbon we've saved. So yeah, I guess you could say it's been pretty cool, here's to the future!

So what have we been up to...

Well, you probably know but the first bit of the year was wet... really wet.. not too cold, but basically constantly moist. Amusingly one of our cargo boys came up with this contraption:

So lots of water means lots of grease... we go through gt85 like a Bob Monkhouse went through Old Spice, we chuck pints of the stuff about.

And bad weather means broken stuff.

We've been fixing stuff like there is no tomorrow, broken chains, knackered wheels from the state of the roads, and generally constantly keeping on top of things, a few times we've had to rescue guys and deploy the rescue bike.. everyone likes a drama (in hindsight..) and every day is a school day too!

I was lucky enough to get off to Thailand for a mates wedding and saw some pretty cool contraptions.

And I guess the thing about stuff getting broken is we have to push the bikes hard, and it's good to see that couriers have been doing that since 1951!

We've got busier too, more than ever we took a couple of whipper snappers on last week: 

If you didn't know.. we are launching this - a little sideline to bring the stuff we use to run our business to the realms of the general public. Have a look.

And if you haven't see us on here you might have seen us in the paper:

We've also been flat out with our advertising contracts:

So things are good for us, new staff, new contracts, busier than ever, and things are really picking up for other businesses to, the cargo bike world is going through the roof, its good to be ahead of the curve but we can't wait to have a few more people up here with us!

Until next time..