Wednesday, November 5, 2014

August to October stuff we've been doing!

 Time for an update form us - as per usual all of this stuff goes on to your Facebook page - if you head there you can see it without having to have a facebook account.

Way back in August we had the pleasure of taking Emma and Wayne to get married at the Town Hall, in hammered down all day, everyone soaking wet but we all had a great time:

After this we dispatched Tom on holiday/official GB duties as he went to compete in Serbia:

We took delivery of more recycling sacks:

And were involved in the exchange of the Royal Voluntary Services baton run.

We gave out excellent safety advice:

And got soaked again

We also spotted some excellent use of cargo bikes by DHL

And wrapped up a contract, well.. finished one bit and started another:

And this week we saw this quote from Ban Ki-moon - very appropriate. For almost 8 years we've been operating and we are aware that really other than a few hybrid cars knocking about there has been no change by the masses to embrace the biggest challenge the human race will face.