Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hay Festival all done!

On Sunday we wrapped up our last shift for the Telegraph Hay Festival. If you don't know about the festival you should! It gathers thousands of people to listen to hundreds of speakers who are picked to create an incredible event. Hay runs for about 10 days each summer and has had just about every big name going attending. 

For the last couple of years we have provided a pedicab service from the festival front gates into Hay and back. It is just over half a mile to walk into Hay and our service suits the occasion perfectly. There are shuttles buses too but a few thousand people use us instead.

We teamed up with Visit Herefordshire this year who had a stand at Hay and decided to sponsor some space on our cabs. 

 We freshened up with some new T's for all of the staff to keep us smelling sweet and looking good.

In general the festival was brilliant, just as it was last year, with a share of great celebs and cracking speakers the crowds were drawn despite some pretty rubbish weather.

For us the main real challenge was the wind which was relentless, we ran 4, 6 hour shifts with 2 cabs to cover the festival operating times. We were running some pretty high mileages during the day and we were feeling the deep burn by the end. Not that we minded, it was brilliant running thousands of people to and from the festival and helping everything knit together.

So another great Hay festival complete, thousands of customers moved, hundreds of miles pedalled, plenty of laughs, plenty of rain, speakers rushed to the site to make their talks, high speeds set, customer records broken and we also got to hear some pretty unique feedback about what was going on from our punters. All in all a great time. We're already looking forward to heading back next year, potentially with more cabs and a bigger presence at the festival, we know we can move more people and save a bit more carbon and help bring some more excitement to journey to the festival gate.

A big thank you to all of the staff at Hay who made it possible for us to be there, we loved every minute of it.