Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Time to get bigger

We have finally grown a little bigger than our shipping container.. so today things changed!
Good old Bulmers came up trumps again and have given us a slightly older, little worn container, nothing a lick of paint wont fix..
So, looks like we'll have space for the office again!
Just got to decide on what colour to paint them now..

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Trade waste recycling, here we go

We started yesterday,

Everybody has been very good.

Sorted the things in to the right bags and boxes, filled in waste transfer notes, and now we are recycling which is great!

It's hard work, but good work

Friday, March 7, 2008

Nice Box

It's been a couple of week since we posted any news, we've been very busy. Ironic that, the busier we get the less we tell you.

Anyway, lots of work going on this end, the recycling scheme is now very close to launching, companies have been placed on a scheme, have been issued bags for paper and plastic and await their first pick ups the week after next!

As soon as it's up and running we'll then recruit new customer on to the programme, it looks, all things going well, that we'll be able to take Luke on a few more days a week which will be great.

We've also been in lots of interesting meetings which are shaping the way we will provide our service and more importantly how Hereford will address its responsibilities to be green. So all good!

You may remember from a couple of post ago that we have a new type of bike... well.... it's having a cargo box made, out of aluminium, by a friend of Hereford Pedicabs - Lars - The Great Dane - Jones - so far it's looking pretty swanky:

Our new riders are getting on well, Matt has his first night next Friday and T-Bone had a great time last week so things are shaping up. We've got lots in the pipeline and will tell you when we can, in the mean time, have a great weekend and jump on a pedicab if you see one!