Thursday, March 27, 2008




Broomster said...

Your test worked - your tea didn't spill even at a 90 degree angle!!

Jon Vaughan said...

White no sugar please

Anonymous said...

Did they put your office the wrong way up?

Ben and Will said...

it often amazes me

we regularly write things and there isn't a single comment

then, i blog a picture of a cup of tea to test my phone is working and three of you write back


Broomster said...

that's the power of the internet :-)

the majorly important stuff get's overlooked (not saying that your cup of tea isn't important - it is!) and the unimportant junk is the stuff that everyone on the net loves! lol

And for what it's worth I read on a regular basis and admire everything you guys (and gal!) do.. I occasionally wave and toot from my big red bus to acknowledge your work too :-)