Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Holiday, weddings and races

Been ages since I last blogged to you guys and you are about to find out why! We have been super flat out and had lots of things happening, plenty of changes and also I've been away on holiday...

So a few weeks back I departed for France with good friend of the company Mr Mad Dog, the plan was to head over to the Alps to race in the Megavalanche and on the way there we'd head to Bourg San Maurice to stay with the guys at coolbus . It was an amazing trip and me and the Mad Dog met up with loads of people. Like many trips like this it contained the main ingredients...



and Racing.

We all did as well as we wanted to, qualifying to race, racing and just generally having a blast out there.

I had no worry whilst out in France as Tom and Matt had the company in good hands, they immediately gave it a rebrand and issued themselves the employee of the month award It was great to know the company was in good hands in my absence..

On a more serious note as I returned it was time for Matt to move on to greater things, he's gone to work on a farm for the hop season and should be back to work on some contracts we've got in the pipeline, but just for now... Here's to Matt and all that sail in him!

Also on my return I managed (via the twittersphere) to hear about a GLC gig in Monmouth. My bro was about so we headed over and caught it, it was epic - nice one boys.

Summer has been brilliant for us and we've done tonnes of weddings. Tom and Mike have been rocking the proms too. But most important has been the wedding of Elle Botwright who is the sister of Ben Botwright who helped us many years ago to establish a depot with local company Bulmers. They have since been bought out but Ben continues to do fine work and is a great friend of ours.

His sisters wedding was brilliant and we were proud to help out.

The bikes were dressed up nicely. But definitely not dressed as nicely as the whole Botwright clan. What a bunch of beauties!

So the summer has been busy and other than a broken bell and a snapped axle everything has been running smoothly, so smoothly that I managed to escape to another race last weekend The Brompton World Championships... last year a finely tuned team I was in got 10th position and this year I was out for blood... everyone in the team gave everything and we pulled our times up from last year massively, all of us placing well. Turns out it all counted because we ploughed in a steady 9th position! Brilliant. If you check this video out you'll see me at 2:54 making a rapid overtake on the right..

Victory was ours!

So in essence that's been the last few weeks and sorry for not being in touch, as you can see we've been super busy. More blogs to come!