Friday, February 22, 2008

10'000 Items of Cargo!

This week has been amazing, we've met big companies who want to use us and we've got lots of little companies who want us to recycle their waste but the best bit of the whole week has to be item 10'000 for the Council!

Pictured are Mark and Sue from Blueschool House, who passed me the 10'000th item! They got a box of chocolates and a handshake in return. Brilliant stuff.

Lots of exciting things happening at the moment, funny how all things happen at once! We also took on two new riders last week, Matt (in the picture below) and Tom, who from this moment forward will be known as P-Unit and T-Bone..

The recycling scheme looks to be a winner with almost 100 pre launch companies on board, cargo is booming and we have new riders for summer, things are looking up!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Good news travels fast!

It's been a great week so far, Ben has been working with me as he has time off for half term (he's a lecturer).

Together we have hit almost all of the shops and businesses in town about recycling, next week we go out to pick the bags up, it's going to be very interesting seeing how many people come on to the scheme.

In other news I think I might have mentioned that we went through 9000 items freight the other day and for the Council alone have travelled over the distance of Land's End to John O Groats. Well the press got hold of this and we'll be in a few papers and on the radio a bit this week!

Good news travels fast!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Recycling Starts

We are running free trials to local businesses at the moment, today we picked up the first lot. Out of 55 businesses we approached, 30 are going to become customers!

It's nice providing new services, and making them accessible and affordable.

Just the rest of the town to do!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

A new bike arrives..

So as you will all know we're launching some new things at the moment. Recycling is being pushed to businesses in February and then we'll launch in March for official weekly collection.

What that does mean, is that it looks like the trikes that carry big cargo loads will be used for recycling more than anything else. So we needed to find a solution, a dedicated cargo bike, quick, light and British. We've been shopping around for ages and been speaking to lots of other courier and cargo companies. The guys at outspoken delivery pointed us to a chap called Mike Burrows. He made a bike once ridden by Chris Boardman in the Olympics.

So after much chatting, thinking, deliberating, tea drinking, chatting and tea drinking, we parted with some hard earned profit and purchased an 8 Freight! :

Before it hits the street for the company we'll have to do a few bits, have a box made and some vinyls, I guess all you guys need to know is that it's a little ripper!