Friday, February 22, 2008

10'000 Items of Cargo!

This week has been amazing, we've met big companies who want to use us and we've got lots of little companies who want us to recycle their waste but the best bit of the whole week has to be item 10'000 for the Council!

Pictured are Mark and Sue from Blueschool House, who passed me the 10'000th item! They got a box of chocolates and a handshake in return. Brilliant stuff.

Lots of exciting things happening at the moment, funny how all things happen at once! We also took on two new riders last week, Matt (in the picture below) and Tom, who from this moment forward will be known as P-Unit and T-Bone..

The recycling scheme looks to be a winner with almost 100 pre launch companies on board, cargo is booming and we have new riders for summer, things are looking up!