Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Visit from the Queen

So today was a big day in Hereford, the Queen and the DofE came to visit. There was a big old do going on on the playing fields and we were invited to be part of the Hereford marquee. 

We rustled up a selection of bikes to show the public and to hopefully catch the attention of the dignitaires. 

Everywhere was packed out so we got what space we could

 Chatted with the Mayor 

And got a glimpse of the Queen, the event was so big that they split the two of them up (like at school when you are a troublemaker).

 We had a visit from the DofE who got to sample the best of what Hereford had to offer.

 All in all it was an ace day and something we were really proud to be involved with 22000 people attended the event and we were lucky enough to be invited inside to see them.

Tom also got a rare day off work...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Queen's visit tomorrow...

Couple of snaps from our Facebook group to keep you bloggers up to date!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Bit of a blog update, weather, proms, tours...

So we've got a Facebook account for Hereford Pedicabs and Cargo which gets updated pretty regularly by a few of the chaps - I'm going to try and link it to the blog so nobody misses anything and everything stays up to date!

In the mean time I thought I'd copy some info in for you for an update...

The weather has finally broken and we are in the midst of a great sunny July...

Our tour programme launches in July and we've been doing some training with the guys, we're looking forward to it all.

This year has been one of our busiest yet for weddings and proms, there are a couple of people who have been pointing people towards us and generally we've just been non stop.  We had a 'rave review' thanking one of our riders for wearing a tie. Quality.

Our prom season as mentioned is flat out, the prom thing is bonkers really, there is so much cash being chucked at it so it is great we can provide a fun, green and affordable alternative.