Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Beginning

Hi, my name is Will, my friend Ben and I have had a great idea, the jist of which is at the top of this page. We want to set up a rickshaw service in our town, we want it to be free and we want people to enjoy using it.

The riders will be friendly and informative and the service will be sustainable.

This blog will follow our journey, from seed to the flower. We hope you like it.

It all started a week or so ago,

I was lucky enough to finish work early and bumped into Ben in our local town centre coffee shop. We got chatting and came onto the subject of the bike I use to get about town. I live a mile from the town centre and it’s the best way to get about as we have a great network of cycle paths. Ben mentioned and idea to have rickshaws in our Town, we both agreed it could be awesome and feasible and more importantly a damn good laugh at the same time!!

We bumped into one of Ben’s mates, an Aussie girl, Prindy, and talked it out a bit more. I fell off my bike and we headed down to the pub to discuss further!

We did lots of talking, Prindy had ridden a rickshaw so we got all the info we could. Things were getting on by now, the beer was flowing and we were joined by some friends. Ben can be seen on the left here and just behind him is his brother Ghandi. Not THE Ghandi but he shares the name, well not really but we thought we’d call him that. Prindy is at the front and is sat on her suitcase as she was due to travel off somewhere before we wrangled her into the pub. My girlfriend Jo is on the right and I’m the chubby bald one behind (cunningly holding sugar cane above my friend Sams head). Anna and Sam were heading of to a meal from here. It was getting hard for people to integrate into the idea by now. As they would have had to drink a lot of beer to get in a similar mindset!! We put our baby to bed for the night and continued the celebrations of the conception of such a tremendous idea!

I dressed up in clothes from the suitcase and tried to obtain some free beer with my finger gun, it failed and we left…

The dressing up continued and a fun night was had by everybody!

Since that great day our idea has progressed massively, with Ben and I looking into methods of funding, types of bike, routes and all sorts and It just continues to get better!! Yesterday we met for a business meeting and confirmed our operations procedure, everything we do must be Fun Green and Honest. There are a few companies that we like that have similar philosophies one is Howies, who have a lovely approach to what they do.More about all of this will be posted in due time but just for now we want to get you up to speed.

Ben bought his chopper round to my house for some fun, but instead we went out on the bikes and did some recces of routes and potential zones that we can work, in, this is going to be a free service so we want to dial in exactly how far we’ll operate and what permissions we may need for various access points.
We continued our ride and ended up at the tourist info centre as our town has loads of history and we want our users to be able to ask us questions about the town and get informed answers. Kind of – We are the people to ask- sort of thing. You know, where to eat, where to go for a beer, how long has that church been there, what’s the weather, whats’ on t.v tonight, where do I recycle… anything really. Who you gonna call? Rickshaw dudes (or something…) We don’t have a name yet- were working on it, suggestions welcome!!

It was getting cold so we went to the pub to check out the guides

Six hours later (we like to be thorough) we had been joined by Ghandi and a good mate of ours, keen cyclist and good bloke Rob. The idea is really coming on now, we reckon we can fund it and put on a service and do all of the things we said we would and keep it Fun Green and Honest, pretty good eh!? After a game of amputee pool we headed off to a venue that was open for a bit longer.

Today I headed into town to grab the bike, some tom foolery had happened (drink riding isn’t a good idea, remember, safety never takes a day off!) and then met up with Ben to make this very blog thinking of a name was a nightmare! These are just some of the ones that didn’t make it-
Riding Power
The big green pedal
Flip flops and crop tops the story of Ghandi’s brother and boy called William.

Ghandi’s brother and one armed Will’s adventure
Pedal power for the masses
Ben and Williams
Born in a barrel
Mules Rule
Don’t be a fool ride a mule (and wrap that tool)
Don’t be a fool mount a mule
Mount a mule
Super mule
Just mule my mule
Mules jewels
The Story of
The tale of two chaps and a mule in a barrel
Dream mule
Wetting the mule
Strip mules
Ride a mule
Mount a mule
Feel green
Mules for the masses
Ride , catch , mule
Benth and Willy
Dyke trike
Trike of power
Holy trike there’s two of them…
For trikes sake
Trike you like
Trike it, you might like it
Don’t knock it till you’ve trikes it
Ride jaunt
A jaunt in to
Mules for the masses
Big green mules
Moist Mule
Mule mule
Stubborn as mule
Two mule
Sustainable mule
Two mules no fuel
Mules need no fuel
Two men two mules one vison
Bionic mules
Steel riders
Bio mules
Mules for the masses:
Don’t be a fool shave my mule
Mules in motion

The mule has loads of great things going for it, sturdy, thrustworthy and all and a great load carrier so kind of what we’re using the bikes for! Also it ties in with a small plastic horse we handed into the pub last week, we checked on him yesterday and found that it had been binned, can you belive it! Binned because he wasn’t a horse! Bah! So we ended up naming it in his honour.

We thought it would be good to keep a track of what happens, when it happens and who did it. The big guy had also bought a long a whole host of info about our town that he had stolen from his blind grandmothers house. All in all its going great so far and were looking forward the journey, we hope you are to…

I’ll keep you posted.



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