Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Go on... Post a comment!!

We hadn't realised we were stopping you writing comments guys, sorry!! It's all changed now, so fire away..
Will and Ben


Jon Vaughan said...

hey hey! so... a) hello b) aren't howies great c) im going to see about a go on one of the covent garden rickshaws on thursday, will take the camera and email some pics and d) go on lads, this is looking great so far, good effort.

Anonymous said...

These would look great in High Town. I notice that it's a pedestrian zone and vehicles are excluded between certain hours, However, there is a freely displayed exception for cycles on a sign outside M&S. I assume that these Mules would therefore be exempt and travel elegantly and freely through this zone, transporting passengers in style.

This scheme is bang on with sustainability. Providing transport for the present without jeopardising the needs of future generations. Moreoevr, it must be in line with the City's current Transport Plan by reducing car journeys through the centre. Coupled with almost zero pollution, it's just got to be a winner.

Go for it guys.


Anonymous said...

Combine this idea with year round Park and Ride schemes and Hereford would be such a pleasant place to come and shop. Something it is certainly not at present.

Harrassed visitor

Anonymous said...

What happened at the meeting?


paul said...

I've been following your blog with great interest. Good luck to you in starting your business. I'm thinking about buying a pedicab myself, but I don't have a lot of extra money these days. Ebay is a good source occassionally. Or you could buy a conference bike. Have you checked them out yet? Go to my site for more information. Sometimes I operate like a pedicab in downtown Minneapolis and when I can get other people to provide the energy, it's a lot easier to get around. Paul.

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