Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A meeting with the Council!

Since our trip on the weekend things are really hotting up, Ben has worked his magic and secured a meeting with loads of the top dogs at the Council- Amanda Barton Team Leader Integrated Transport, Clive Hall (Highways and Transportation Central Area Manager), and hopefully Cynthia Spaull (City Centre Manager).

These are the people we need to speak to, they can give us answers and also be part of the roll out of the progamme. The weekend opened our eyes and it could be that we are looking at something much bigger than we first imagined, an intergrated approach to sustainable travel, cargo bikes, bikes to move people, all sorts of things, the meeting is on Friday so Ben and I are meeting tonight to dicuss our approach. Ben will be taking a back seat on this one due to some work commitments.

In other news the lovely people from Howies contacted us yesterday, they are very busy but haven't forgotten about us!:

"Hello Will,
Have just checked out your site and noticed the blog J made me smile!
I will mention to Ade tomorrow about your uniforms and make sure he is onto it. It is a very busy time here at howies, so if you don’t get a reply straight away, don’t worry, we have you flagged up in our inboxes!
Will take a regular look at your blog, I love the read,
Have a great week

It is a very exciting time for us and it's important that you all know how much it means to us that you are reading about us and backing our idea, what started as a bit of fun for us is now looking like a real solution for lots of people! And yes.. it is still Fun Green and Honest!!

We'll keep you posted, Will