Saturday, June 2, 2007

Pedicab Commandeered for Police Chase!

Pedicabs goes from strength to strength, now 8 weekends in were not far off the 2000 customers mark which is awesome considering the few nights we haven’t been able to field both cabs and the bad, bad weather we’ve been having. This is a bit of an unusual post but I couldn’t wait to let you guys know. Last night Ben and I were involved in a High Speed Police Chase, yes you read that right – High Speed Police Chase!

It was about 8 o’clock and Ben and I had just done a multiple drop off at Castle Green for some chaps, I has vowed to get them right to the top of the hill so powered off to do so, Ben dropped his lot where he was an we agreed to meet in a few minutes.

Imagine my surprise when as I came down the hill I saw two Police officers in the back of Ben’s cab with Ben going like the clappers whilst they pointed to a distant figure. Not holding back I rounded the corner at full speed with a motorbike sidecar lean so as not to tip the bike. Soon Ben and I were closing the gap on the bad guys, I took the lead with Ben pulling the officers. We’re fairly new to crime fighting but like to imagine ourselves as cowboys riding down the bad guys.

The next few minutes were a blur of fluro jackets, sweaty riders and panicking criminals but as I’m sure you can guess we got our man. Unbelievable.

Hereford Pedicabs are looking forward to serving the public trust, protecting the innocent and upholding the law..

See you soon - Will


Tone said...

Will there be an honorary Blue Light, if unlit,siren and panda stripes?

Jon Vaughan said...

Ha ha. Nice work chaps!

Ben and Will said...

all of our vehicles will remain unmarked

Anonymous said...

Fantastic effort lads, well done.

Sue & Ann-Marie said...


Thank you so much for your help in delivering us to our colleague who was in need of urgent assistance whilst trying to detain a male. You were our knight in shining armour albeit very sweaty armour by the end!!

Sue and Ann-Marie

bboo said...

So Sue resisted the temptation to get you to take her to the nearest sun lounger!!!

But seriously- well done to Ben! Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

What can I say ? - absolutely fabulous support and community spirit.

Possibly a first for the UK?

Many thanks for your support of my officers.

Peter Wright
Assistant Chief Constable
West Mercia Constabulary
Hindlip Hall, Worcester.

Katie said...

I live in New York City and I just heard about this story today. Wonderful job, boys!!

We have plenty of pedicabs in Manhattan, but I've definately never seen one helping the police. Actually, they're usually trying to avoid the police, but that might just be the 'New York Way'!

This blog rocks! So do you! If I ever get a chance to visit across the ocean, I will use you two as my tour guides, and will travel everywhere by pedicab!!