Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lucky rider number 4 - Ad's joins the team!!

What a week! Two riders trained up so far!.

Tonight it was the turn of the lovely and bike mad Ad's. I was the same drill as before (slicker this time as well). Ben talked Ad's through our code of conduct and standard operating proceduresThen it was on to those oh so important pre bike checks, hear Ben is doing a demo of the hand brake, crazy stuff!Then after some basic tests in the proving ground, emergency stops, tight turns and all sorts like that it was out on to the streets to learn the finer points of riding our lovely townAfter all the riding and tips there wasn't anything else to do bt welcome Ad's on board with her very own 'We're in this together' T-shirt.
Great stuff Ad's, welcome on board from all of the Team!

Will, Ben and Luke


Anonymous said...

Is it compulsory for new riders to possess a green Buffalo shirt? ;-)

Well done guys good to see you going from strength to strength.

Ben and Will said...

new riders happen to all appear without correct equipment so we dig out the trusty buffalo to keep them warm