Thursday, June 14, 2007

Midlands Today Video

Can be found here- our video

It's been a really amazing thing this you know, so many people have got in touch with us to say well done. We had someone get in touch from London who had seen us in the metro as well. It's all been in the spirit of how we set this up - Fun, Green and Honest. We havent pushed anything about this story and it's just been the good nature of what's happened taking us forward. Incredible.

In other news we've got three new riders starting very very soon - Luke, Darren and Ad's which will be great for Hereford Pedicabs, new faces and fresh legs! It will give Ben and I the chance to grow the rest of Pedicabs and Pedicargo, work on advertsing sales and getting out next few cabs.

It's been a great first few months for us and with well over 2000 customers already (just from for Friday and Saturday nights) it looks like we are going from strength to strength, so thank you to all of you who have ridden with us, supported us, read about us, watched us and enjoyed being part of Hereford Pedicabs.


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