Monday, June 25, 2007

Rainy Monday

Good morning!

In all the weekend was great with Pedicabs managing to avoid much of the rain, I did however get caught right in the rain yesterday on my way home from a few beers to celebrate Rob’s birthday.

Instead of a picture of Rob I’ll stick one in of Sumo (Rob’s mate) who had a tremendous holyoaks shirt on with poppers. Sumo discovered that the more beers he drank the easier it was for him to pop his shirt open..

Rob may well be coming onboard to help with Pedicargo (he’s built for freight). We have a further meeting about Pedicargo in a few weeks, to discuss the best way to launch it and how initial companies will come on board. The great team from the Sustainable Travel department will be helping to make business in Hereford aware of our service. That’s all we’re letting on at the moment, we’ll keep you posted.

Enjoy the rain.



Sumo said...

All that rain must've shrunk my shirt!!

Thanks for making me famous guys!

Sumo x

Ben and Will said...

Thought you'd like that pet