Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What an amazing couple of days!

When this whole Police chase thing happened we didn't really think much of it, in fact we told our friends had a laugh over a couple of beers and thought no more of it.

We were surprised when BBC Hereford and Worcester got hold of us for a chat and happily obliged, then all went quite for a couple of days, that was until Tuesday when everything went crazy! I think the term they use is a Snowball, the running total so far is-

BBC H+W (last week)
Radio Wyvern (on most of the news items today)
Western Daily Press (today page 3, us the police, Prince Harry and Victoria Beckham) click here and here
The Hereford Journal (front page indeed)
Hereford Times -tomorrow
Midlands today - tonight or tomorrow
BBC news on line click here
Times Online click here

All in all pretty amazing stuff, which seems to be the story of Hereford Pedicabs we've always just done what we felt to be right and it always seems to work out alright.

Keep your eyes peeled for us fighting crime on the streets!

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bboo said...

Its one of those quirky stories that just snowball. Its been picked up by news agencies and I even saw it reported in the Los Angeles Times. Should enable you to attract/retain sponsors which I'm sure is where the real money is. wink. Best of luck though as I'm all for pedal power!