Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Final Run Down

This has been an amazing couple of days for Hereford Pedicabs! Here is the final list of the press we got, great considering we didn't ask for it! My personal favourite is the BBC World Service, where I got to speak on their 12 mid day news. I just can't believe all of this. How many people must now know about what we do, the amount of emails we've had saying well done, the amount of people we've seen patting us on the back. It's as if Hereford are really proud of us! Incredible.

i guess we'll have to stop blowing our trumpet soon, but at the moment it sounds so good, so here is the final run down..

BBC Radio H+W (last week)
Radio Wyvern (on most of the news items today)
BBC Radio Scotland
BBC World Service
Western Daily Press (today page 3, us the police, Prince Harry and Victoria Beckham) click here and here
The Hereford Journal (front page indeed)
Hereford Times
Midlands today - our video
BBC news on line click here
The Times (page 5!!)
Times Online click here
The Daily Express
The Daily Star
The Daily Mirror
The Daily Mirror Online - click here
Earth Times – click here
And last but not least the Metro, we hear it’s big in London!

Amazing stuff!

Thanks for reading and for all those new folk, check out the older blogs, they take you right back to the start of our venture and tune in to our website it'll tell you all about what we do and how you can use our service, advertise with us and generally have as much fun as we do!

Thanks to everyone involved in the last few weeks



Tone said...

After all this press coverage will your two WPC fares be providing the much needed weekend flapjack delivery in a car with flashing lights and a siren?

Anonymous said...

You guys did something truly amazing and wonderful. We need more people like you in the world.

Oh and your story was picked up by the Associated Press in the States and is being covered in several print sources!

Ben and Will said...

Thank you team