Wednesday, June 27, 2007

All Hail Luke!! Rider Number 3!

An awesome day for Pedicabs was had yesterday, we trained up our first rider Luke Mattews who has passed all the tests signed all the paper and ticked all the boxes on the way to being a Pedicab rider for Hereford Pedicabs!
We met at 7pm at the designated training zone for a bit of chit chat on procedures, bike checks and our general operating procedures, a few cup of tea later and we were ready for on the bike training. We are lucky that the great chaps at Bulmers who help us with our strage and security also have a safe area where we can get out and train our riders.

I showed Luke the ropes on the bike, gear ratios, signalling, emergency stops what to do if the bike gets on two wheels, controlling you postion in the road and then we had a game of cat and mouse. In and out of set marks on the ground.After this we had a brief recap and test on some of the points and headed out to show Luke all the things we've learnt that have made our lives easier, gaps we can fit through, short suts to take, awareness of other road users and pedestrians and good old having a bit of fun with the punters. We took both the cabs out to show varioous lines. Luke held his own and was a natural, comfortable and strong on the bike. Ben took it in turns to lead the way or drop behind and watch the action. In fact we took it in turns with whoever was not riding sitting in the back of Luke's cab to give pointers and add some realistic weight! After all the pointers has been pointed and the miles clocked we had a quick debrief and of course pretended not to award Luke with his prized Howies 'Love Me Love My Bike' Uniform T'ShirtOf course we were only kidding and really happy to have Luke on board
So here's to Luke and all that ride with him! Hip Hip Horray, Hip Hip Horray, Hip Hip Horray, for he's a jolly good fel..........

Well Done Luke From Will and Ben

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