Sunday, June 17, 2007

A good weekend

We had a great weekend to end our incredible week, lots of folk cheering and making siren noises and loads of back patting. the weather also held out for us although we were a little late starting on Friday whilst the last of the tropical storms blew over! No worries though, we just whacked the kettle on and had another brew. We drink a lot of tea.

Little more to add than we had a rip roaring couple of nights, great fun lots of banter and lovely tips from the public, we wouldn't want it any other way... we maybe a few more cabs!

I've been meaning to post this photo on for a while so thought i'd get around to it, it's a convoy of bikes we got involved with, that was on a lovely sunny day, we could do with more of them!
That's about all from us at the moment, it's bike week in Hereford this week so if you've got a bike get on it!



Tone said...

Couple of "Folders" there I can see at the lights. These are just the job for Hereford. Drive into the outer fringe. Leave the car to avoid congestion and cycle the rest of the way on almost flat ground. Go on you know it makes sense. Get your bike out for the week and you might get a chance of cycling alongside a Pedicab.

David J said...

Hi guys,
I've finally discovered your blog! After ignoring just about every news article about your heroic adventures I decided to have a read and discovered you actually had your own blog.
Cool. This is great, it's a rare find. I've added a link to Mules for the Masses blog at mine:

Fantastic job you're doing. I hope one day to do the same../similar...

David J said...

Oh and I wanted to ask if you'd mind me posting one of your images on my blog along with the link?
I'm desperate for cool looking content!


Ben and Will said...

fire away david, we are happy to help