Friday, June 15, 2007

It's the WEEKEND!!

So now the media fury has died down who knows what this weekend will bring? Mainly we are hoping for sun! Although our weather sources (who tend to be more speculative than accurate) predict intermittent rain. Lovely stuff!

In other news the new riders are only awaiting their CRB checks (a check run by the police on their criminal records so we know their as good as they say they have been) to come back, a process which can take between 2 and 6 weeks. The checks will be back anytime now, so expect to begin seeing some different faces soon! We are also looking for more riders, people keen on being part of our cargo scheme and riding cargo bikes and Pedicabs. For cargo work, riders wont need a full taxi licence, that is reserved purely for pedicabbing.

For me it’s my first weekend back on the cabs after last weekends break which was good, for both my legs and my spirit. Is nice to get out on the mountain bike a bit!

Ben has had a bit of a shock as he has been away in the mountains for the past 6 days, he has come back to see the media frenzy, and to find that we are now a crime fighting duo!
A little more to add on that is that the news has now spread globally, a search on google news revealed about a 100 stories worldwide- google news link crazy, crazy stuff! Hits on our website and blog have gone through the roof! So has been a great awareness booster for Hereford Pedicabs and sustainable travel in general.

Time for me to crack on with some other things now, but before I go here is an answer to a question we have been asked a lot in the last few days. The t-shirts that we wear – can be found here howies tshirt So if you want to pick one up get in touch with the great folk at Howies.

Play Safe


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