Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bridge over the River Wye

Cycle Hereford are an organisation who promote cycling in Hereford.

I have been in touch with them today and they are understandably keen about what we are doing: ‘Whoa! Bolt from the blue - great stuff - 110% support from us here at cyclehereford.com.’ More of this to come soon but as a friend of Pedicabs I’m sure together we will be able to raise the profile of sustainable travel.

They are also promoting a link to sustrans who are aiming to get funding for a cycle bridge over the river Wye:

‘Hi, Great news for the cycling public of Hereford. SUSTRANS, who build national strategic cycle routes are bidding for lottery money to build a cycle bridge over the river Wye to connect Rotherwas to the north of the city, and as this has been a very long held desire (decades), we at Cycle Hereford are contacting as many people as possible to ask you to please support this initiative. The more individual votes this project gets, the more likely it is to go into the final round and win funding.’
The link can be found by clicking here

If you think it is worthwhile, we do, vote.

Enjoy the rest of your day, Will


Jon Vaughan said...

Im in. They need to come up with a better name than Rotherwas Sewage Bridge though : )

Tim said...

Thanks for the heads up guys. Council Officer was meeting with none other than John Grimshaw, head pedaller at Sustrans, today to discuss the name. We've already flagged it up with said Officer as being a poor choice and you can air your alternatives at the cyclehereford.com forum.

dave said...

This is great stuff guys, really love your approach to the project. Seems like this can be something for loads of people to enjoy and use.

Keep it up, how long till you get the cabs?... ...

robhattersley said...

Fantastic news - on both pedicabs and bid for a new bridge. Let's hope the Council now act to make all Hereford streets safer for all cyclists by reducing traffic speeds.

Tone said...

I have contributed to Sustrans for years and years. It's great to see its involvement in this project. I agree about the name of the bridge - how about Will and Ben's Crossing.

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