Tuesday, January 9, 2007

‘Little big voice lectures'

Hello all,

We have put Hereford Pedicabs forward to hopefully be involved in a project which brings small companies together to help them learn how to make an impact on the world. There called ‘Little big voice lectures'.

Organisations that go get to learn lots of things. Like how to build a cheap website and get it up and running. How to take a photo that a newspaper would be interested in using. How to edit a film and upload it on to a website. How to write a press release that doesn’t get ignored. How to use the law to take on a big corporation. How to get a government to stay within its own laws. How to get scientific data to prove your point. How to promote your cause when there are so many good causes. How to research your cause when there doesn’t seem much written about it. How to hold a press conference. How do you make sure everyone turns up?

At the end of the day it’s an educational programme designed to equip people with the tools needed in order to bring media attention to the cause they believe in. And the more publicity you get for your cause, the more likely you are to bring about change.

Our sports have taught us to love being out there and to respect the environment that provides our playground. They also give us the motivation to try and do something to protect it.

Who knows better than a surfer about a polluted sea? Who knows better than a mountain biker about clear-cutting forests? Who knows better than a snowboarder about climate change? Even a skateboarder studies rainfall on a daily basis.

But being able to ride a bike or a surf board well requires a different set of skills to being able to use the media to obtain publicity for your cause.

If we want to change things, we need to learn some new skills. We need to learn how to use the media to give the small guy a big voice.

So I emailed the folk who are organising these lectures, told them a bit about us and guess what, they got straight back to us-

'Hey Will and Ben,
Thanks for the mail and wanting to attend our camp.
I have just been looking on your site and think its fab.
We haven’t made any decisions yet and have lots to get through but hopefully you will hear back from me in the next few weeks.
Really great project!
Have a lovely day, its drizzle drizzle drizzle here but we’re chirpy none the less.
Anja x'

So who knows what will happen!

Will and Ben

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