Friday, January 5, 2007

Life's a funny old thing

I've been back at work this week, in my other job, and it's quite a strange feeling, same stuff different day and then I saw that Headline- Boredom is a pattern and not a reality. And it's true you know. It got me thinking, stuffs only as boring as you want to make it, choices are only there if you choose them. So my job isn't boring it's a challenge, the problems I face will reward me with solutions and all in all there is far more good things than bad things!

So what if lots of people don't see it like that? Well maybe we'll help change that, maybe each day when they ride a Mule into work they'll enjoy it, they'll feel the wind in their face and we'll slap a big old smile on there. I hope it's like that, I hope that we can show people that we can be a brand new choice for them to take, and that it'll be exciting. Just a thought, have a great weekend.

Will (Ben still skiing....bah!)

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