Wednesday, January 3, 2007

An Update....

Hey hey hey team!

Sorry it’s been so long, we’ve missed you but boy o boy have we got great news for you!

Just before Christmas, Ben and I had a fantastic meeting with lots of bods from the council who had taken time from their busy schedules to hear about Hereford Pedicabs! There were representatives from Tourism, Licensing, Sustainable Travel and from other initiatives including Street Scene.

They learnt all about what we have done so far and where we plan to go! It was a great opportunity for them to learn about how we plan to be sustainable through advertising and for them to have an opportunity to maybe be some of the first to advertise with us. With a launch planned in March we have plenty of time to secure some potential advertisers but as you lot all know that is not the point of mules for the masses. What we plan to do is to give everyone the opportunity to be part of a solution to all of the problems we face with travel and pollution and for it to be jolly good fun!

One of the highlights was Councillor Edwards popping in to hear about what we are doing, he is involved in all things environmental and was very taken by the idea, so much that he took a copy of the presentation to show to his fellow councillors! Its really great to be part of this you know, and to see how anyone involved can soon be caught up the three mainstays of everything we do, having fun, being green and being honest.

So, the council are aware of what we are doing and are very happy about it. We do however still have things to overcome, one of which is a storage depot

Which hopefully the lovely folk at Bulmers may be able to help us with. A great chap there, Ben Botwight, is looking into the possibility of using a storage container, more to come on this as it unfolds!

So from our great meeting with the council I went to see the Courtyard to talk to two lovely ladies- Lisa Wood and Kate White who deal with sales and marketing. They were a great laugh and took great interest in the Pedicabs. They do, you see, suffer somewhat from Herefords terrible traffic problems, but also have a solution in the way of a major cycle path at the rear which could, given the right transport, ferry people to and from town, and of course there is a promotional nature to the vehicles.

We talked at length about them helping us to launch Hereford Pedicabs and us helping them to promote their rural film festival. Together I think we can have quite an impact and really provide an enhanced service to the lovely folk of our town- YOU!

The Courtyard have a myspace which can be found here - check it out, whilst your are there also check the heroes section on the left…..

From the meeting at the Courtyard we went on to have some other chats with lots of great people and then went to our first annual Christmas Party , fancy dress is compulsory. As you will see from the photo Ben has made a Reindeer and is riding it and I have come as a giant Christmas Pudding. Not practical but lots of fun!!

We hope you also spotted this article-

Since our meetings Ben has been away skiing and I have been working on moving house and going back to work. It is still great to be a part of this and we still want all of you to join us. The bikes are to be ordered shortly and we will also launch a couple of websites which will enable people see a bit more of what we are up to.

The rest of the team are all good, Ghandi is still plugging away (and skiing with Ben at the mo) as are the rest of Ben's family (Ben used to be a ski instructor), all the other folk from along the way are still involved and the net gets cast wider still, with more and more people logging onto the blog everyday, and yes one of my New Years resolutions is to update the Blog more!!

So it’s going to be a great year, a really great year and by the spring you’ll be able to enjoy it in a Pedicab…… Play safe guys, until next time,

Will and Ben


Anonymous said...

Hope you both had a lovely festive period. Love the blog, glad its all going well, Sadie starts on Monday as Suistainable Officer with HC, she's given you guys a good plug already.

Love to all

Nige and his girls.

Ben and Will said...

Thanks team!

Ben and Will said...

Great to see people are reading the blog!