Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Another fine meeting

Just a quick blog guys and girls to let you know that I had a meeting with Dave Tristram, Regeneration Officer and Pat Buchanan Community Finance Officer.

It’s not the first time I had met Dave, you may remember him from earlier blogs. The meeting was to establish if we are eligible for any business start up help, the consensus is that we are and that more so there may be other small grants available to help us provide the service we have planned to roll out and to get up and running.

WE DO NOT WISH TO BE GRANT DEPENDANT!! It is possible we believe to be sustainable through delivering our service and though incentivised advertising on the bikes with combined promotions. It is really important to us that we achieve what we set out to achieve. Lots of companies are scared of having to be sustainable or believe that it isn’t possible. Not us! We want to look back in a few years and prove that not only could we provide our service but people wanted it, it was fun and it paid for itself!

A tall order you may think? Well we shall see, but with all of the help we have had so far and the wave of positivity Hereford Pedicabs rides we are sure it is possible!


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