Friday, January 26, 2007

Almost there...

Well another week, and no bank account, the forms have gone, everything filled out. Abbey National should be a good bank to go with, no charges you see. It's just we have a problem, we cant buy anything for Hereford Pedicabs until the bank account clears!!

I had a call from the guys making the pedicabs to tell us that our bikes are as far as hey can take them without getting any cash and they have other orders coming in. There modular you see, so if they get an order for a few other types of bikes they can use the frame they have made for us to make the other bikes. What we have to be careful of is nobody having our bikes because we cant get the money to the guys making the pedicabs!!

Oh well... hopefully not long now!! I'm moving house this weekend but if there is any news I will keep you posted!

Have a great weekend!


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