Friday, July 13, 2007

Miserable Weather!!

Well all, I'm sat on Friday evening having not pedicabbed for two weeks and it's raining! Bah. I'm hoping it will clear up but in the mean time I thought maybe I would share where I was last week with you.

A good mate of mine and pedicabs is a chap called Chris, and Chris is getting married. As a keen mountain biker Chris fancied a good weekend stag with some mountain biking and other outdoor stuff mixed in with a healthy pile of juicy beers. So we headed to Afan forest for some biking and then the Gower. Now i'm sure many of you will know the rule on stags, what goes on stag stays on stag. However a couple of photos slipped out.

We all like to think of ourselves as pretty cool mountain bike types, baggy shorts, big air that type of thing, unfortunaley for the rest of the stag team I managed to come in to possesion of a big pile of 80's lycra....Nice. So here's the team limbering up- The stag is in the yellow jersey. I didn't escape and looked a right plum in a lovely white outfitThat bike wasn't made to be ridden by a man i lycra, I've apologised to it as much as possible but things haven't been the same since.

Well that's about it from me at the mo, plenty of rain outside so who knows what will happen with the cabs tonight, you can expect a bit of a bulletin on pedicargo next week... it's all hotting up..enjoy your weekend, whatever the weather..


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