Monday, July 30, 2007

Hereford Pedicargo!

So for a while we’ve been promising to tell you about the Cargo Scheme. Well we thought it was about time to start as something very special happened last week. We picked up the cargo backs from Cycles Maximus in Bath. One Hard Top and one Soft Top.

We set off at about 1-ish on our way to bath, before we knew it we were there and drinking a mug of tea. They had just made chasis 500! Soon we were carefully loading the bikes on to the pickup.
The journey back didn’t go quite as planned as we’ve been suffering from some pretty massive floods recently, we rounded one corner to find this!
We soon navigated out way home and arrived at base
Fitting took some time as we had to fiddle with various nuts and bolts to ensure we had the right ones and the bikes were stable and secure, by this time we were itching to get the bikes on the road!We headed out, and were both surprised by how much easier than a Pedicab the cargo bikes are to ride, much less wind resistance meant we could easily cruise at 15mph+ in fact we thought we’d take them up a certain hill in Hereford to see if we could break the 30 mph barrier! Top speed clocked was 31.7 mph, not bad for a bike!
We decided it was then time for a well earned rest so took the bikes to the pub (soft drinks of course) and sat back admiring out new business venture!The only problem we are facing is space in the container and how were going to fit in all the work, so not that much of a problem really, but certainly is like a big puzzle fitting stuff in everynight!