Thursday, July 19, 2007

1000 mile maintainence

So this week it was time for the bikes to have a full strip down. Not many people know but the backs come off the bikes, this means we can put special cargo units on (more to come on that very soon!). It also means we can get great access to all the bits that needed adjusting like the hub gears, brake linings, rear mech. As you can see it all needed a very good clean, so while I got amongst that Ben sunned himself with the manual for the hub adjustment.We've been amazed by how practical and sturdy the bikes have been. Simply a few cables here and there needed tightening and that was about it. Now we have of course looked after these bikes but they have literally covered over a 1000 miles with weights of up to half a ton on board. They are about to come in for much more use, we think the cargo scheme will be running by the end of August. We have one contract in place already! Offical information isn't going out yet but we'll make sure you're the first to know!



Tone said...

He had his clothes on when I was there.

David J said...

Great information about the trikes!
Can you remind me? What company makes them?
I'd love to import some to Australia Sometime and do just as you have.
Love the blog!

David J said...

Don't worry about the company name. I've read some more of the blog and found them!
Just call me lazy!

Keep up the good miles!