Sunday, July 22, 2007


It's been a wet weekend in the Shire. Massive floods hitting all the major roads. The river Wye has as always burst it's banks so we thought we'd go and have a look on the pedicabs! We didn't want to get to deep so had a potter around in the shallows and then stopped to snap Ben and continued on our busy little way.We were rained off on Friday night but last night seemed to be ok, a bit of constant drizzle but nothing we couldn't handle. Customers seem to like going though puddles which is great because we do too!
On friday I got chatting to a guy from construction company Amey, who is really really keen on using our bikes to get his staff to meetings here and there without having to use a car. Great chap who certainly seemed to think it would be a great way of getting his company to engage with green intiatives.

The cargo scheme is really coming together now, Ben and I are heading to Bath on Tuesday to pick up the cargo units, which will then need to be stickered up, shortly after that we'll be launching the scheme with a trial for the modern records department. We'll also offer out free trials to 30 companies in Hereford and hopefully be doing some work with the Hospital and Primary Care Trust come September. It's an exciting time for us, our new riders are trained, there is pelnty of interest in out business and alternative schemes and this all in 15 weeks! It's certainly been fun growing this business in an organic manner, allowing it to expand and change to fit the need that arises, instead of trying to force business onto people!!
As always we'll keep you posted and would love to hear from you guys!