Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Sustainable already..

Great few weeks for Pedicabs,

Big meeting last week with the Inland Revenue about people who come to ride for us being self employed and leasing cabs from us.

It all went well, really well and what Ben and I know now is that if we step back from pedicabs and don't choose to take it any further, it's already sustainable. The leasing fee will pay for the bikes to be maintained and insured and the tips are such that riders can earn a crust. Which is amazing.

So it's been a success, it is a success.

Hereford Pedicabs is officially Hereford's first sustainable green transport company and taxi service.

But we aren't going to stop here, it's time to go from strength to strength, to believe in what we have achieved and grow it. Enhance our service, work on the inter office travel scheme, develop our cargo service.. focus on our direction.

Hold on tight