Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hereford Pedicabs asked to do Eco Podcast

Claire Fisher from rang me today to ask if she could speak to Hereford Pedicabs about environmental type stuff for there weekly podcasts, they get masses of hits so it should be good for us. They also want to do a video about us which will be cool!

In other news, the weather is looking awful for the weekend so should be a good time to see if people want to use pedicabs in the rain and if our hoods work!!

Ben's in France this weekend and as we don't have any new riders on board yet looks like i'll be riding the streets on my own, if any of you blog readers are interested in riding for us in the future drop me a line - -it helps if you have a Hackney Carriage Licence but we can help you with that, tell me why your keen, what would make you a good rider and what you would do if I asked you to take me on a 30 min tour of Hereford!

Play safe blog readers..


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